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Show Biz Opportunity with One of Music's Most Successful Executives

Dear Aida,

    Ron Alexenburg is a humble person, so I added his Biography below his Business Proposal. Ron Alexenburg said his buildings are paid off. So he is helping new people get in the Music Business at a low cost in a 3 month program.

    It is understood that you have a previous obligation to fulfill first and that you might like to consider the following offer from Ron Alexenberg and Bert Loob for your next stage. Their photos are on your Facebook that link to more at Van Dichoso's Facebook.

     Over the past 30 years Ron has signed Michael Jackson and worked with such artists as Heart, The Beach Boys, Chicago, Spyro Gyra and Rupert Homes.
Ron must "Evaluate" an Artist before they will be accepted in his program. I have presented your work to Ron in the middle of December 2013. Four weeks later he told me on the telephone that you are of interest to him. Ron would like to meet you, Aida Nikolaychuk, in New York City or Los Angeles.

     Mr. Alexenburg is able to eliminate the expense of your room and board in New York City and/or Los Angeles USA for 3 months, since Ron has high level connections with Sony Ukraine and also has good relationship with the highest level of Sony Worldwide. Ron Alexenburg is a long time friend with Clive Davis, the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Global.

     Sony has provided for a number of international artists in development programs involving visits to the USA. I have seen a number of Russian and Ukrainian Mama Music and ELLO videos with background scenes in Los Angeles, southern California Pacific Ocean coast and the deserts of California and Nevada. Sony has a large presence in Los Angeles County (similar to an Oblast or Province). Sony probably has an established program for residence, care and work-visa processing. They have a great cafeteria. I was an actor in a film at their main studio headquarters in Culver City where Sony bought all of MGM Movie Studios and Library.

          ------- Begin Internet copy clip of Ron Alexenberg’s Biography -------

    Ron is a marketing legend. Ron was the youngest Vice President of Columbia/Epic Records and signed dozens of gold and multi-platinum selling artists. His crowning achievement at Columbia/Epic was the marketing and promotional campaign that turned Michael Jacksons "Thriller" into the largest selling album in history. Since then he has branched out into many areas and has represented theatrical enterprises, created a television show that is broadcast live nightly from the NASDAQ headquarters in NYC. (the world's largest computer only stock trading facility).

     RON ALEXENBURG: President and CEO of the Alexenburg Entertainment Group since 1990, Ron Alexenburg has contributed to the music industry through his marketing and representation skills. He has taught at New York University, former President and CEO of Infinity Records and was Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Epic Records.He has experience with both music, television and music awards programs.
     ----- End of Internet Copy Clip -----

Ron is very busy developing a new crop of world-class performers and he maintains a small company. I use the term "Project" because as Ron says in a Youtube video below, "A song does not make it to the top by itself."

The Ron Alexenburg Music Business Opportunity for a Music Artist Project
     Copy of email:

Date: Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 11:18 PM
Dear Alexander;
  We are an Artist development and Consulting company. Since 1985 we have signed many new artists to various music companies and developed many singer songwriters.

  Our initial fee covers the consulting and guidance to the singer and song writer for presentation to all major recording companies, We put together an EPK (Electronic Press Kit ) that I will send you some samples, if you’re interested to review.  We also take the artist to various independent music companies as well.

  Please feel free to look at some of the latest artists we have been working with. JAMIE BENDELL, REBECCA PERL, & ZOE BLACK as these are all young female artists. [He has discovered and is developing since August someone like a white Michael Jackson from Australia. It was said in the 1950s, "If a white person can do Rhythm and Blues, they will be a success." Elvis Presley was the answer that achieved that. It didn't happen overnight. His Stage Persona was a Process of Development coached by a smart person. This is a famous story in the USA.] Returning to Ron's email to you.

  We assist in the recordings of 3 initial recordings. The expense for these recordings are the responsibility of the investor as they will own the masters. This expense is a much lower cost than the normal studio cost as we have a great relationship with many studios and get reduced rates. The initial video is also part of the EPK and is also at a very reduced cost. We are able to manufacture the package again at a reduced cost.

  My personal services for the initial 3 months is $5,000.00 dollars per month ($15,000 total). I also make the fee recoupable from any advance that I'm able to get for the signing to any recording company. We take 10% as our commission for the advance and give the investor the monthly fee of $5,000.00 back from the advance. We continue to receive a 6% royalty from all monies earned from ANY deal we structure. 

  We assist in AGENCY & PUBLISHING with any deal we structure. We represent the artist to various management and PR companies when the time is right.

  A showcase is set up by us when the time is right with all recording, publishing, management & agencies in both NYC & LA. The cost for these showcases as well as the EPK & recordings are the responsibility of the investor. [Those are additional expenses.]

  The EPK and all of the contents will remain the ownership of the investor and artist.

  Please review this basic outline as I'll be available to answer any and all questions you, the artist, or investor may have. 

 Thanking you in advance for your interest in The Alexenburg Entertainment group.

         Ron Alexenburg, President

       ------  End of Ron's Proposal and List of Benefits ----------

   Once again, I offer you first chance to provide the funds to pay the amounts above, so that you can have maximum benefit of income. Ron gives much freedom to the singer/musicians so there is no need to be concerned about control. However if you need an investor, what a typical investor wants is explained in the One Day Meeting Proposal during one week in LA.

     When the Singing Artist Project is making money, Ron Alexenburg will return the $15,000 USD upfront money to the investor and convert his compensation to royalty. That means the investor(s) get their money back. A zero (-0-) investment expense after some time. The better the Music Project, the sooner the investor or investors get their money back and also convert to a percentage. The time frame of 3 months work in USA is comfortable for an artist who wants to return to their country and/or take their music back to their homeland.
     The following are copy clips from the Internet about Ron Alexenburg’s 40 years in Music

     Ron Alexenburg was Vice President for promotions at Columbia Records and in recent years, was Executive Producer of The BEATLES Concert For Bangladesh and the legendary Woodstock Concerts. [All-Time Great Events in the History of English speaking Music.]

     Ronald Alexenburg is consultant to Quatrophonic in the areas of sales, marketing and promotional campaigns. Mr. Alexenburg's achievements include many industry awards. He was formerly the president of EPIC Records and took that label from $6.5 million to over $185 million in sales during his tenure.
     Additionally, Mr. Alexenburg teaches music and promotion at New York University. [So he with his white hair is a great coach.]

     Ron Alexenburg, with extensive experience in the music industry, headed up promotion for recording giant - Columbia Records, and was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Epic Records and CEO of Infinity Records. Among his many achievements, Ron is credited with signing Michael Jackson to Epic and releasing the most successful album of all time, "Thriller".

    As a Professor at New York University, Ron Alexenburg taught Music Business, Music Promotion and Marketing. "No Hit Makes it to the Top by Itself." His Alexenburg Entertainment Group provides Artist Representation, Music Marketing services and Television representation with producers, syndication companies and major TV music awards programs. [Aida, you were great in fully designed presentations with X-Factor, perfect for TV and I believe your own USA TV Serie some time down the road, at least for one season and hopefully more - if you want that. I know you and a team can do that.]

Short part of long history
Youngest Vice President at Columbia/Epic Records
President of Epic Records!search/profile/person?personId=378577&targetid=profile
Ron Alexenberg and Michael Jackson
Record Executive Ron Alexenburg ...while he was President at Epic Records he signed several artists like Boston, Meatloaf, The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. All of which were very successful under his leadership. He has to his credit the best selling album of all time "Thriller". Quincy Jones was Producer of several Michael Jackson albums. Ron Alexenberg was President of Epic Records.
Ron Alexenburg Music Executive was inducted in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.
(Link Footnote 1 below)

For Ron Alexenburg, Michael Jackson will always be both a global superstar and friend, "We met him at 16. He would come to our home in Woodbury," recalled Alexenburg, the record executive who signed The Jackson Five (family) to Epic Records. The Jackson Five brothers and sister were also one of the most popular music groups in USA music history.
Though Alexenburg hadn't spoken with Jackson since July, when the King of Pop called to wish him a happy birthday, he was planning to reconnect with the entertainer next month at the superstar's scheduled run of 50 concerts at London's O2 Arena.

"This is like a president passing away," said Alexenburg, who heads the Alexenburg Entertainment Group. "We are lucky his music will last forever. And his dancing - he was the modern-day Fred Astaire."

The shock of Jackson's death on Thursday hit Alexenburg hard, along with many of the Epic Records staff that worked with him.

Actually, it was Alexenburg's guidance that helped Jackson become a more grown-up artist, supporting him when he went solo to eventually record the smash album "Off the Wall."

"He told me he wanted to write and to be an artist," Alexenburg said. "He didn't want to be a puppet on a string singing." [referring to being the youngest of the Jackson Five family] - published: June 29, 2009 By GLENN GAMBOA (Link Footnote 2 below)

Jackson wore the ''Beat It'' jacket while performing in 1988. Michael gave this jacket to Epic Records President Ron Alexenburg's son; Alexenburg signed the Jackson 5 to Epic Records, where Michael's career took off. Size 40 jacket has Alexenburg's name handwritten on the label(Link Footnote 3 below)

3 Youtube videos with Ron Alexenburg
In one of the videos Ron mentions his long time friendship with Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer, Sony Entertainment, Worldwide.

"Then and Now with Ron Alexenburg - Special Guest Tony Orlando"
(Tony Orlando and Dawn was a famous Pop Music Trio ) (Link Footnote 6 below)

"Cross Fire w/ special guest, Ron Alexenburg, Producer"
Skip to 2:25 where intro for Ron Alexenburg

Skip to 15:45 where intro for Ron Alexenburg
"The Maverick Soul Hour w/ special guest, Ron Alexenburg"

Page in the Book: "Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009"  By J. Randy Taraborrelli

---===== Link Footnotes ====---

4. Google Search - Ron Alexenburg

5. Google Search - Ron Alexenburg and Michael Jackson
6. Tony Orlando and Dawn had a national USA TV Series in the 1970s and the mega hit songs "Knock Three Times"   "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"

7. Clive Davis, The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles has a Theater is named after him
Currently Davis is the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment

8. Other Mega Successful Music Bands Assisted to fame by Ron Alexenberg. Radio stations been playing their main songs since the late 1960s and 1970s

--- Ron was so busy it took a while to get response to my jjtelephone call two weeks before Christmas and my cell texts that had to become artful polite concise promotion starting 2nd week of January to get him to look at your English song playlist on my channel  ------ Ron is a good man. The biography links about him include a substantial amount of work with Charities.

Some Email History

In a message dated 2/5/2014 7:20:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, Alexander writes:

Mr. Alexenberg,
   I would be very honored if I received an email from you with documents detailing the benefits received from your $5,000 / month fee (3 months minimum).


On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Alexander wrote:

  In case this did not get to you.(As a reply of prior message)

------------------------- End of two emails ---------------------------

    It is understood that you have a previous obligation to fulfill first. Please also consider these other offers for your next stage